May 19, 2024

Jason Aldean And Wife Brittany Channel Biden And Trump In Satirical ‘Presidential Debate’ Skit

Jason Aldean and his wife, Brittany Aldean, have become known for their annual Halloween costumes and this year, they’re taking their tradition to the next level by dressing up as President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

To debut their costumes, the couple created a mock “Presidential Debate 2024” skit poking fun at political issues as well as the political figures’ personas.

The video begins with country singer and former radio personality, Chuck Wicks, acting as Fesler Holt, introducing the “debate” and setting the stage for the satirical showdown.

A Mock Debate For Halloween 2023

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 2024 Presidential Debate. Live from Washington, D.C. Tonight we will see former President Donald J. Trump debate, [President] Joe Biden,” Wicks says.

Brittany then enters the set disguised as Biden and appears to be acting confused as she makes her way to the podium. Eventually, she stands facing the wall as moderator Wicks attempts to get her attention.

“Joe, Joe, right,” Wicks shouts in the video, directed by Justin Mrusek.

Chuck Wicks Appears As The Moderator

“Does anybody know where Trump is? Is he here? He here comes,” Wicks says, as Jason dances his way to the podium in his President Trump costume, complete with handcuffs and a thick blonde wig, to the tune of Village People’s “YMCA.”

As the clip continues, Wicks then prompts the pair to discuss “illegal aliens.”

“Former President Donald J. Trump. My first question goes to you Now. As we all know the American people, we know we have a crisis upon us with illegal aliens crossing a border at record numbers,” the moderator tells the fictional political figures. ”President Biden, when I say illegal aliens, it’s people. It’s not flying saucers.”

Watch The Skit

“You idiot. What is it with this guy? You put him in office. You put him in office. Apparently, allegedly,” Jason, dressed as Trump, replies before Brittany chimes in, “The UFOs are welcome. Everybody’s welcome.”

They then reference several controversial topics, including the building of a wall, sending funds to Ukraine, the national debt and more. The pair also poked fun at public statements made by both Biden and Trump.

Jason and Brittany conclude the “Presidential Debate” parody with the pair joking about the upcoming 2024 election season.

“You elected this guy,” Jason says as Brittany is seen sniffing him.

A Political Spoof

“Just smelling,” Brittany states, prompting Jason to reply, “Joe, this smells like an ass whooping in 2024. You’ve been in there almost three years. You haven’t learned to think. Nothing, Nothing…”

Wick concludes, “A bunch of bull crap. Thanks folks.”

No Longer Keeping His Opinion To Himself

The Aldeans are friendly with former President Trump. They’ve spent the past two years ringing in the New Year at his lavish Mar-a-Lago party in Florida. Additionally, the country singer has been photographed playing golf with Trump on multiple occasions.

Recently, during an interview with Country Countdown USA, Jason Aldean revealed that he kept his opinions to himself early in his career, however, now that he’s an established artist, he says he’s “not going to be quiet” anymore.

While his political stance may have offended some people,  he also pointed out that he’s gained some fans along the way.

“On the flip side, I feel like I’ve gotten new fans. So I’m at a point in my career where I’m not going to be intimidated,” he declared. “I don’t feel what I’m saying is wrong, so I’m not going to feel guilty about it.”

Jason and Brittany’s Halloween costumes are always a topic of conversation. In 2022, they spoofed Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy by dressing up as the famed characters Ron Burgundy and Veronica Coringstone. In previous years, Jason and Brittany have channeled Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton, characters from Tiger King, and the cast of Game Of Thrones.

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