April 20, 2024

Obama, Hillary and Biden All Shared Emails Illegally Outside the US Government’s Systems – None Will Be Held Accountable for These Crimes

Obama, Hillary, and Biden all broke the law in using non-government systems to manage their emails during the Obama-Biden Administration.  None will be held accountable for their crimes. 

The National Archives released 80,000 emails of Biden’s while he was Obama’s VP.  This is many times the number of emails that Hillary criminally managed while Obama’s Secretary of State.

Hillary, Biden, and Obama all used email systems outside the official government channels to do business related to the government.  They did this because they were committing crimes.  But it doesn’t matter.  They will never be held accountable by the corrupt Justice system Obama put in place.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

The National Archives previously confirmed through a FOIA response that they found 5,138 email messages and 25 electronic files pertaining to the known Joe Biden pseudonym accounts robinware456@gmail.com, JRBWare@gmail.com and Robert.L.Peters@pci.gov.

After missing the deadline to turn over the requested documents, the National Archives said it located 82,000 pages of emails then-Vice President Joe Biden sent or received on three separate private pseudonym accounts to conduct illicit business deals with foreign officials.

NARA was forced to search for Biden’s pseudonym emails in response to a FOIA lawsuit filed by the Southern Legal Foundation, a conservative nonprofit law firm.

“NARA has identified approximately 82,000 pages of potentially responsive documents, and it is currently processing those documents and preparing any non-exempt responsive documents for production on a rolling basis,” the report said.

Just The News noted that Biden’s private email scandal may dwarf Hillary Clinton’s private server scandal.

The average observer would wonder if the Biden emails have been vetted for all criminal activity before being released.  This is how criminal families like the Bidens get away with monster crimes against the country.

Hillary Clinton was caught with thousands of emails in her possession.  She was never held accountable.  Corrupt FBI Director James Comey gave a presentation that listed all her crimes and then said that he wasn’t pressing charges.

This was so bad that a song was made of Comey’s insane presentation and conclusion.  It was so sad it was laughable.  Obama had destroyed the justice system.

Hillary and Biden weren’t the only government workers who used outside emails during the Obama-Biden regime.  Obama did the same thing.  They were all crooked.

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