March 4, 2024

Nolte: 61% Not Fooled by Media Cover-Up of Biden’s Mental Decline

A clear majority see that His Fraudulency Joe Biden is in mental decline and believe (correctly) that the media are trying to cover this frightening fact up.

Between January 28-30, Rasmussen Reports surveyed 934 likely voters and asked, “Do you feel like, over time, Joe Biden is getting less and less mentally sharp?” Across every gender, racial, and age line, a majority said yes.

Of everyone polled, 59 percent said yes, while only 33 percent disagreed. Looking at the internals, 61 percent of men said yes, as did 57 percent of women, 63 percent of those aged 18-39, 60 percent aged 40-64, 51 percent of those over age 65, 59 percent of white people, and 58 percent of black people.

Even 36 percent of Democrats agree Biden is declining mentally, as do 82 percent of Republicans and 60 percent of independents.

When asked, “How likely is it that the news media are helping cover up evidence of [His Fraudulency] Joe Biden’s declining mental sharpness,” 61 percent said it was “very” (45 percent) or “somewhat” (16 percent) likely.

Only 36 percent said it’s “not very” (16 percent) or “not at all” (20 percent) likely the media are participating in a cover-up. Dummies.

By a margin of 62 to 28 percent, black voters know the media are covering up Slow Joe’s breathtaking mental decline.

I would argue that Biden’s painfully obvious mental decline is the least of his problems. If his policies weren’t so destructive and his staff were implementing them competently, Americans wouldn’t be too concerned with President Roomba. During the 1984 presidential campaign, age seemed to catch up a bit to incumbent President Ronald Reagan — nothing like we’re seeing from Hunter’s Demented Dad, but enough that the media attempted to make a meal of it. But in 1984, America was prospering culturally, financially, and internationally in ways unseen in two decades. Reagan won 49 states, and the Reagan Revolution would march on until September 11, 2001.

The most beautiful thing in this poll is the fact that 61 percent know the corporate media are engaging in a partisan cover-up to protect Biden.

In the past, when asked if the media were biased or engaging in straight-up corruption, the affirmative number always seemed to stay mired in the forties. epublicans understood the media were corrupt and were not afraid to say so. However, the rest of the public was not quite ready to go that far. They likely saw the corruption, but that’s different from crossing the line to admitting to yourself that the media are corrupt.

Thanks to a near-decade of grotesque and blatant fabulism, hoaxes, and lies, the corporate media no longer receive that benefit of the doubt. Ten years ago, if asked if the media were engaging in a cover-up to protect a Democrat, the yes/no number would’ve been closer to 45/45 percent. Today, that number is 61 to 36 percent — and that is a very healthy sign for our republic.

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